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Our Own Cars is a car reviews website with a strong focus on long term ownership reviews from owners. At Our Own Cars, we want to showcase to the world and motoring enthusiasts what it is like to drive and live with cars that we purchased.

At Our Own Cars, we don’t want to just rewrite manufacturer spec sheets or commonly held views on a particular car. Instead of regurgitating common talking points, we encourage everyone to write their own views and opinions however different they are. Afterall, they are the reviews of your own cars, not a press or demo car. Not one car – despite maybe having the same make & models – can be the same to everyone.

Our Own Cars welcome any type of car reviews, new or used, JDM, muscle, euro or aussie classics, as long as you have owned or driven it yourself. We want this website to serve as a comfortable dwelling to store your motoring memories. Ideally you can look back years from now on the cars that you owned and how they were like to drive and live with.


  • Our Own Cars to be a community driven platform for everyone to submit their own car reviews and ownership experience. Whether you own a fully modded 1000HP Supra or a 80hp Toyota Echo we welcome you. Anything goes!

  • Our Own Cars to act as a comprehensive index for car reviews from owners with good SEO, redundancy and ease of access not only in Australia but the whole world. You don’t have to go over hundreds of old forums with missing images, reddit threads or some other YouTube videos to find what it is like to own a particular car. We want you to be able to find reviews and experience here in one click.

  • Our Own Cars to complement traditional car journalists and websites with personal experiences. We don’t claim to be experts or the most authoritative source with 0-60 time, kerb weight or HP number et cetera. No, we want to focus on the feeling and emotion of driving and owning a car. Our writers are your own fellow car enthusiasts.

  • Our Own Cars to encourage a multi series & longer reviews as opposed to short and dry car summary. We want to know your car and your story from the beginning when you received your car keys to the end where you sadly have to hand it over to someone else. There is no such thing as a boring description or story.

  • Our Own Cars to fulfil the gap of older or modded car reviews, especially those that are no longer available for sale e.g 90s JDM classics. It’s a bit disappointing to see that written materials are a bit dry and scattered all over the web even though their values are steadily rising.

About Our Author


Rizki Kadir

Automotive Writer & Software Engineer

As an avid car enthusiasts, Rizki enjoys buying & selling cars, as well as driving on some of Australia's most beautiful road. During this period, he found his passion in automotive, from writing automotive related articles to most importantly long term car reviews. He's interested in all things automotive.

He believes that the most important car reviews are those that are written by car owners and that they have owned the car for some time.

That is why Rizki decided to build Australia's first owner oriented car reviews website in 2022. "Australian car culture and love for car is something else. I think if you want to understand Australian culture, learning what and why Australian drive certain cars, is the way to go," says Rizki.

Rizki welcomes everyone to share their own perspective and reviews especially on their own cars as owner's perspective is very invaluable.