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New Year, New Look For Our Own Cars 🚀

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    Rizki Kadir

Hey Our Own Cars visitors! Guess What? We've Got a Whole New Look for 2024!

We're excited to announce that we've given Our Own Cars a complete makeover! We've been working hard to bring you a new and improved website that's easier to navigate, more informative, and more fun to use. We hope you'll love it as much as we do!

We promise, it's not just a facelift 😉 – it's a whole new vibe with cool features and a smoother ride for you!

What's new?

When Our Own Cars started in 2022, we didn't think we would get this far. The website started off bare bone with very limited functionalities. At the time you have only one simple landing page, about page, and a car review page. We didn't even have a blog section back then.

Fast forward to 2024, we have a fully functional website with a blog section, car reviews, and Our Own Cars social media section spanning Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok. For those who like to comments or be involved in a discussion, we also have a comment section for each blog post and car review page!

Our Own Cars old site back in 2022

First iteration of Our Own Cars back in 2022

Our Own Cars new site in 2024

Our Own Cars new site in 2024

Mission for 2024

We have a great ambition for 2024. Not only, we want to be the go-to place for car enthusiasts to find the latest car reviews, news, and tips. We want to be the place where you can find hard to find reviews from unique cars all across Australia. We want to ultimately start our own communities where you can have nice deep discussion with fellow enthusiasts just like the old forum days.

In short here are features to watch in 2024:

  • More car reviews! From sports car to family car, we will have it all!
  • More blog posts! We will be covering more topics from car maintenance to car news, especially on used car price market.
  • More social media content! We will be posting more on Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok so watch those space.
  • More community engagement! We will be starting our own community where you can have a nice deep discussion with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Interactive features so you can submit your own car reviews! Yes we want everyone to contribute and write your own thoughts on your own cars. (We will give you nice gift!)

What can I do now?

If you're interested to write or submit your own car reviews please contact us at editor@ourowncars.com.au.